Grammar reference and practice resource for learners of English at intermediate level. Perfect for self-study, but also ideal for supplementary grammar activities. This resource will help you to learn and understand all necessary grammar topics and practice various grammar exercises. 

This course contains conversation topics, thematical texts for reading, grammar exercises, tests, presentations, suitable for students who would like to improve English pronunciation, speaking, reading, writing and grammar skills. There are a variety of different conversational topics included in this course that are designed to prepare students for the future exam and different situations they may meet in their daily life where they will interact with English speaking people.

Professional English for :
1 . Hotel Industry specialists
2.  Restaurant Industry specialists
3.  Tourism Industry specialists
4.  Commercial Industry specialists
All Professional English training materials are aimed to:
  • increase your confidence when communicating in English in a professional environment
  • help you to use English more effectively at work
  • help you to speak more accurately and fluently in English
  • improve your English grammar
  • increase your English vocabulary